Legion of Bloom

Legion of Bloom

Take the high road. Join the legion.

We believe cannabis should do more than get you HIGH. It should make you feel good.

At LEGION, we believe cannabis should make you feel good because:
- It gives back to environmental causes
- It doesn't add unneeded plastic to the environment.
- It makes the right choices for the planet.

When you support LEGION, you give back with every puff.

We have committed to donating a portion of our sales to fund habitat restoration and reforestation projects.
- Our Monarch Cartridge line helps save the Monarch Butterfly.
- Our California Sauce line and PAX Era Pods help plant trees in California forests
devastated by wildfires.

Our Sustainably Minded Indoor Cultivation Facility is at the cornerstone of how we craft our products, incorporating:
- LED Lighting Technology
- CA produced renewable energy
- A sophisticated water catchment system that captures and recycles 80% of the facility's water needs daily

Crafting award-winning cannabis products is just a small part of what we do at LEGION.
Building a sustainable cannabis company is our top priority.

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