A regenerative sun-grown farm that has been certified by Sun and Earth and Dem Pure.

Moon Made Farms is located in Southern Humboldt County, at the heart of the Emerald Triangle--33.3 linear miles from the Pacific Ocean, 2100 feet in elevation on the leeward of a mountain. The farm has primarily southern exposure on slopes of rock and clay dominant native soil. 

Our goal is to incorporate the native soil and surrounding biology through onsite composting and introduction of native soil, forest and plant material, and inputs we cultivate, closing loops on the land and utilizing waste streams. The genetics, and ultimately epigenetics of the plant can fully express itself in a way that is intimately tied to this unique environment. The plants become an expression of this place. 

This is already a proven hypothesis that anyone who has worked with this plant understands: Give this plant a healthy, balanced environment to grow in and it will thrive. Just like people. And people deserve access to plants that are grown as nature intended, in a natural and healthy habitat.