Native Seed is on a mission to provide safe + effective healing medical cannabis products and to educate patients on yoga, alternative healing, and the benefits of medical cannabis.

Native Seed is a wife and husband founded nonprofit focused on wellness, healthy infused edibles, concentrates + boutique flowers. Proudly made in Oakland, California, Native Seed creates artisan products made with the highest quality ingredients for your mind and body. Their products are always lab tested by CW Analytical in Oakland, California, to ensure the safest and most consistent medication for patients. Produced in a certified kitchen space in the East Bay, Native Seed provides top-quality control over all of the products they offer.

For ten years we have been together, exploring dairy-free, gluten-free, and organic baking due to our own dietary restrictions. In 2007 my sister and I owned an all vegan cafe & bakery in Chicago, combining superfoods with baking while catering to a lot of people who had serious restrictions but led healthy lifestyles. To continue the path of wellness and holistic healing, I received my 200-hr yoga certification where I offered yoga classes at our cafe. With a passion for plants, wellness, holistic healing, and knowing the benefits of medical cannabis, we moved to Oakland to continue our dream of creating a wellness platform. Robbie attended school for horticulture and through this he became well versed in cultivating medical cannabis while practicing organic farming methods. As patients struggling with food allergies and auto immune disorders, we noticed a serious lack of allergy-free, organic healthy edibles. We wanted to create cannabis products that patients could truly benefit from and that we would want to consume ourselves, as food is also a great source of medicine. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to provide you with healing products that are only from nature.