Artisanal edibles made with flower rosin and unique flavors from award-winning chefs

Rose is a premium edibles brand combining creative culture, sustainable agriculture and award-winning chefs. We distinguish ourselves through an ingredient-driven approach, the exclusive use of flower rosin, and our collaborations with celebrated chefs and farmers. Instead of masking the plant’s flavor, we find beauty in it, exploring alluring ways to incorporate into each recipe seasonal fruit that’s sourced from some of California’s most respected farmers. Through the development of our own 10-acre polyculture farm located in the Sierra Foothills, Rose is working to offer the first-ever closed loop edibles on the market.

DELIGHTS, which take their name from the traditional Turkish confections, are the first edibles on the recreational market to be infused with single-strain, whole-flower rosin that’s pressed in-house, which preserves the natural qualities of the plant and delivers a deeply satisfying experience.

SINGLES, like Delights, are infused with flower rosin. At 1mg per dose, they offer more flexible dosing.

ROSE FLOWER honors Rose’s long-standing relationships with its legacy growers and showcases the output of the company’s Penn Valley farm. No plastic is used in Rose Flower packaging; no foils or synthetic inks, either. Instead, Flower comes in compostable kraft paper envelopes that would, if you tried, disappear into the very soil in which the plant was grown.

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