Artisanal cannabis-infused chocolate bars and bites

Satori Chocolates combines culinary and cannabis. We use sun-grown cannabis from our farms in Northern California to infuse chocolate bars and bites. We specialize in user-friendly, precisely dosed, scored chocolate bars and bites in a variety of flavors. Our products are a great way to start medicating with edibles or trying your hand at micro-dosing while determining your personal dosage. Our products are discreet and delicious!

We wanted to give our customers options. When we looked at the edibles market we saw a huge need for precise and micro-dosed edibles, and a need for quality ingredients and premium flavors. That is why we have five different centers for our chocolate bites (caramel almond, strawberry, blueberry, cacao beans and raisins). We also make THC and CBD bites to allow our customers to really customize their dose. We want this line to be appealing to all palates and cannabis tolerances.