Created for women by women.

Sexxpot Queen-Sized Infused Prerolls contain a sensual blend of CBD and THC flowers soaked in CBD-rich Cannabis Terpenes -- We call them True Terps.™ Sexxpot is not just for intimate evenings, it’s perfect for any evening when the desire is relaxation. Sexxpot takes the edge off and sends the body into a relaxed, yet vibrant body flow of sensual delights.

Sexxpot Queen-Sized Infused Prerolls are manufactured by Paradigm Cannabis Group, a small but mighty women-owned Humboldt County manufacturing business. Our award-winning CO2 oils and True Terps™ are made from sun-grown cannabis produced by small, sustainable legacy farms, not big corporations out to profit from the new era of legal cannabis.

The revamped version of Sexxpot still promotes the kind of healthy relaxation that stimulates libido, but now it’s a ready-to-smoke preroll, ideal for helping modern working women and men unwind into a sultry state of mind