Cannabis for the creatively curious.

Sunday Goods exists to help people feel good with a cannabis experience that's just right. Whether it is relief from pain, a pathway to creativity, or simply an elevated state of being, everyone stands to benefit from the liberating power of this plant. We have an assortment of sustainable products, focused on meeting the modern cannabis consumer where they are.

We believe in the power of the sun. We have a rich history of growing and sourcing happy, healthy plants in a dutch-glass greenhouse. At our R&D center, we have a team of thought leaders in the industry, committed to cultivation high-quality genetics, hand-trimmed flower, and energy efficiency. This expertise allows us to source and offer some of California's finest cannabis.

All of our products are sun grown, sustainable and pesticide-free. Our oil is manufactured in a clean CO2 extraction and triple distilled. Our pre-rolls are full-flower, rolled in all natural rolling papers, and our Effect Pens have a medical-grade ceramic wick and coil. They're made without any glue, so they're made for 'precision fit' so there's no risk of inhaling any.