Sun-grown cannabis pre-rolls, expertly blended to create a perfectly balanced high

Weekenders come from Redwood Valley Farm. For nearly 15 years, they’ve lovingly cultivated the finest small-batch, artisanal flowers in the remote North Coast of Humboldt County, California. We are partnered with this farm so the source is steady and does not change.

Our small batch, whole bud flower is sustainably grown in Humboldt, California, and our farmers are obsessive. Compost tea, cover cropping, local inputs. They pour their hearts into growing beautiful plants, while using organic practices that respect people and the planet. Plus, the fact that our product is grown outdoors means it’s way more sustainable, but just as rich and complex, as plants grown under artificial lights.

We work with our farmers to source and develop a slew or strains, then meticulously blend them to create the various effects that the Weekenders community loves. Indica for calm and creativity, sativa for energy, and CBD to cut the anxiety. The result is an easy smoking joint that’s functional, uplifting, and pairs perfectly with an active lifestyle. Or, as we like to say, our product will let you: BE HIGH IN SOCIETY.

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