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CBG: The Mother of Cannabinoids

CBG is generally considered a minor cannabinoid compared to the better-known CBD and THC. Though it may not have the name recognition of THC or CBD, CBG packs a truly powerful punch.  Outside of the entourage effect that CBG creates when blended with CBD and THC, CBG is an incredible and special cannabinoid with many unique uses and benefits on its own. 

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What Is CBG Cannabinoid?

Discovered by Yehiel Gaoni and Raphael Mechoulam in 1964, Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is the non-acid form of CBGa, the mother of cannabinoids.

Compared to CBD and THC—the cannabinoids most of us know about and the ones that get most of the attention—CBG is considered a minor cannabinoid because it is present in low levels, usually 1–1.5%

CBG is growing in popularity thanks to a host of potential benefits. At Sava, we pride ourselves on keeping up on the cutting edge of cannabis products and their many uses. We’re excited to share our cannabigerol knowledge and recommendations with you! 

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How Is CBG Made?

The CBG cannabinoid is one of the many cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis plants. 

CBGa (cannabigerolic acid) is the original compound found in cannabis plants, which then transforms into other molecular structures such as THCa, CBDa, CBGa and other cannabinoids in a chemical conversion process when the plant is exposed to light or heat.

As the cannabis plant matures, the CBGa will naturally expose to multiple different enzymes, which convert the compound into either THCa or CBDa. Thus, they contain more CBD and THC, and less CBG and other cannabinoids by nature. As CBG benefits continue to work their way into the mainstream, some savvy cannabis experts are looking to increase their CBG yields.

CBG is most prevalent in young plants between weeks six and eight of the flowering cycle. At this point CBG levels are at their highest because it has yet to be converted into other cannabinoids. Because CBG is rising in popularity, breeders are experimenting with genetic manipulation and cross-breeding of plants to obtain higher yields of CBG.

How to Use CBG?

The most common way CBG is produced for consumers is as an oil, which in turn can be formulated into tablets, gummies, other edibles, prerolls, or topical treatments.

Here are a few of our favorites!

If you love a delicious chocolaty CBG experience, try the Mindset Cannabis Happiness Colitas CBG Mint Dark Chocolate. It’s a tasty, fresh, chocolate bite with a mood-balancing 1:10 CBG to THC ratio, and 5mg THC per chocolate. It’s perfect for an after-dinner treat, roasting marshmallows around the campfire, or any time you need a lift.

For athletic recovery, try ReCreate Relief Tangerine Gummies. Equipped with CBG, CBD, THC, and Cordyceps mushrooms, these gummies are perfect for those who need that extra bit of recovery after an intense workout.

Last, but definitely not least, we love adding CBG oil into our healthy lifestyle routines. Mary's Medicinal FORMULA Sublingual Oil 4:4:2:1:1 CBG:CBD:CBN:THC:THCa is a potent, discreet mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural flavors that will give you an elevated boost in mood and pain relief.

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There are many ways to consume CBG oil, such as:

  • Add a few drops under your tongue. It is the most efficient method because the tongue is capillary-rich, allowing straight diffusion into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive tract.
  • Try including a little CBG oil into your daily cooking routine.
  • Another way to take Cannabigerol oil is by adding it to your morning tea or coffee.
  • CBG oil easily spreads on skin for topical use. Just apply a few drops on affected pain areas and gently rub it in. You can also infuse it with your lotions or balms to apply it topically.

How Does CBG Make You Feel?

All cannabinoids, like CBD, THC, and CBG, work by binding to specific receptors in the human nervous system. Activity at these receptors helps regulate key body functions like mood, appetite, and sleep. 

Our body contains two types of cannabinoid receptors—CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found in the nervous system and brain, while CB2 receptors are located in the immune system and other areas of the body.

CBG antagonizes the CB1 receptor, meaning it has a blocking effect on the receptor which causes the “altered perception” effect if activated. This makes CBG non-intoxicating.When CB1 receptors throughout our system are blocked, they produce a restful and relaxed feeling as opposed to the fight or flight feeling we experience if CB1 receptors are stimulated.

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CBG has similar reactions on the CB2 receptors, helping to create anti-nausea, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and mood-elevating effects.

Essentially, if you wonder how CBG makes you feel, it can help relieve pain and anxiety, as well as providing a slightly elevated but non-intoxicating feeling that relaxes your body.

CBG Benefits We Love

Now that we know what CBG is, our next question is “What is CBG good for?” Scientists are still researching additional  benefits of CBG oil.  Here are a few effects of the CBG cannabinoid.

Increases Dopamine

CBG can boost dopamine levels, which can help treat depression, sleep disorders, and poor appetite. Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure. It's a big part of our unique human ability to think and plan. It helps us strive, focus, and find things more interesting.

We love the pleasure boost we get from Wyld Pear 1:1 THC:CBG Gummies. The non-psychoactive but restorative effects of CBG in combination with psychoactive THC and the terpenes create the entourage effect (the combined effect from a set of compounds working together to maximize their therapeutic potential) to provide greater rejuvenation than THC alone. Infused with real pear fruit, these delicious cannabis gummies are like a bubble bath for your brain that eases the tension after a long day.

CBG for Anxiety and for Depression

Research in 2008 found that CBG can relieve symptoms of chronic pain. CBG cannabinoid releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps calm pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and panic disorders.

CBG can activate a2-adrenoceptors (modulate sympathetic outflow); bind to cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors; and block CB1 and 5-HT1A receptors, leading to anxiety reduction. CBG has displayed strong anti-anxiety effects as well as a muscle-relaxing reaction, both of which are connected to the same part of the nervous system.

Put simply, CBG works naturally with your body’s existing receptors and nervous system to smooth the tension in your body and mind, leading to a more relaxed state. Using CBG for anxiety relief is a great, non-psychoactive alternative to THC products.

For a CBG boost to your system, we recommend LEVEL CBG Protabs. With a high 25mg dose of CBG and zero THC in each swallowable pill, the Protabs ease mental and physical stress without the altered state of consciousness.

CBG for Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, and Antioxidative Benefits

Cannabigerol can also help with chronic physical pain that can cause ongoing suffering.

For example, inflammation and oxidative stress play main roles in neurodegeneration. Interestingly, CBG may be able to protect against inflammation and oxidative stress, which can result in neuronal cell loss.

Because of CBG’s anti-inflammatory properties, researchers concluded that CBG cannabinoid could be used for clinical treatment of Irritable Bowel Disease. Any cannabinoid that is effective as an anti-inflammatory is also a great cannabinoid for pain relief, and because it’s non-psychoactive, using CBG for pain is an excellent alternative for people who want to avoid the intoxicating effects of THC. CBG is a potent analgesic too, and is a much more natural painkiller option than synthetic opioids, which are tied to major addiction issues. 

We highly recommend LEVEL Calm CBG Tablinguals for rapid pain relief. They’re fast-acting and high-dose sublinguals with precise doses that will quickly enter your system for anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-anxiety benefits.

Research on CBG and Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve, and is often caused by abnormally high pressure in the eye. Not only can glaucoma cause headaches, eye pain, nausea, vomiting, and worsening vision, it can also lead to blindness.

There are multiple causes of glaucoma, and all of them should be treated by a medical professional. One study showed that CBG was synergistically effective with THC to treat glaucoma by easing intraocular pressure.

There is no cure for glaucoma, however, early detection and treatment can help preserve vision. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, please see your doctor as soon as possible. Treatment options include medications, laser surgery, or traditional surgery.

While cannabis is not a prevalent treatment for glaucoma, it may offer relief for those who suffer from the pain. If you are interested in trying cannabis to help your glaucoma, please talk to your doctor first. There is still a lot of research to be done on the use of cannabis for glaucoma, but early research looks promising.

Research on CBG and Its Potential to Treat Huntington's Disease

Huntington's disease is a condition that causes a breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. In a 2015 study, researchers examined the potential neuroprotective properties of CBG and other cannabinoids in mice who had an experimental model of Huntington’s disease.

CBG was observed to act as a neuroprotectant, seemingly protecting the brain’s nerve cells from damage. It also improved deficits in motor function and preserved striatal neurons against 3-nitropropionic acid toxicity.

EHP-102, a compound derived from CBG, has previously been shown to reduce inflammation and neuronal loss in mouse models of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.

These findings suggest that CBG and its derivatives may be useful for the treatment of Huntington's disease. Additional research is needed to determine if this is indee

Research on CBG for Its Cancer Fighting Potential

In a 2014 study, researchers observed that CBG showed some promise in blocking the receptors that cause cancer cell growth and inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells.

The root of cancer development are glioblastoma stem cells, which are typically therapy resistant. Research found that CBG can actually destroy those cells, alone or working as a team with CBD, by inducing Glioblastoma cell apoptosis. CBG worked as an inhibitor to glioblastoma invasion, similar to chemotherapy but without the toxic effects that chemotherapy can have on the body.

When combined with the anti-anxiety and pain relief to be found among CBG oil benefits, these scientifically backed CBG cancer benefits could be a game changer, especially since formulations and potency are improving all the time.

Talk to your physician if you'd like to explore the potential benefits of CBG for cancer treatment. Though additional research is needed, there's evidence to show that CBG may play an important role in preventing cancer cell progression.

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Buy CBG Online with Sava!

Now that you know what CBG is, what it is good for, and how it can bolster your health, we hope you're just as excited about the incredible benefits of this minor but mighty cannabinoid!

At Sava, we truly believe that knowledge is power, and we are so happy to share the superpowers of the amazing cannabis plant with you. We’re thrilled that everyone can experience the benefits of non-intoxicating CBG for pain, anxiety, and depression relief, along with the other incredible cannabigerol blessings.

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