Pax Era Life
Pax Era Life

Pax Era Life


Extended battery life in PAX’s most compact design. This all-new cannabis oil vaporizer features a discreet and attractive design that provides an ideal in-hand feel with state of the art technology and ultramodern specs. Compatible with Pax Pods.

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Era Life makes life easier with technology that doesn't feel like technology. It's intuitively designed and simple to use so you can spend less time figuring out and more time blissing out. Just pick up a bold color and turn up the volume on life. EASY-TO-USE: Just pop in a PAX Era pod and go. Instant on. "Pop & Click" temp changes.

FULL FLAVOR, NEVER BURNT: Full flavor from start to finish with 4 consistent temperatures. The device checks temperature 125 times per second. Longer lasting pods from curated Brand Partners that hand select cannabis strains.

POWERFUL BATTERY IN A BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Great colors in a compact design. Never get stuck without juice - check extended battery life with easy to read LEDs. More than 150 puffs per charge.

ENDURING QUALITY: Durable design and UL-certified.

VIBRANT COLORS: Available in four colors: Indigo (blue), Blaze (red), Onyx (black), and Grass (green).

Compatible with:

  • Raw Garden Pods
  • Bloom Farms Pods
  • Bloom Farms Single Origin THC Pods
  • Bloom Farms Single Origin, CBD Pods
  • Level Classic THC Pods
  • Level CBD Pods

Note: Apple has decided to limit vaping apps and has therefore removed the Pax Era app from its store. Android users will still be able to use the app, and anyone with Chrome can access the features via Web browser on their desktop. This does not limit the ability to use the device for vaping as that works regardless of access to the app.

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Intro Text Discreet vaporizer with extended battery life, for use with Pax Pods
License C12-0000266-LIC
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