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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Absorb CBD

Absorb CBD is farm to body medicine, where each plant is attended to with love.

Absorb cbd uses hand-crafted organic fertilizers, spring water, bioactive soil, and high altitude sun rays, to grow our signature high CBD strain, ACDC.  Full authentic flavor is provided by original essential oils from the raw extract.  We do not add fillers, “natural” flavors, or synthetic terpenes. Our vapes offer pure cannabinoids, resins, and original essential oils.

Raphael Vasquez and Monica Fine are the founders of Absorb cbd.  As an architect and an alchemist and cultivator, they set out to provide diverse products that have superior potency and quality.   By using their combined skills of directing, farming, building, formulating, and innovating, they provide a platform for enhanced, healthy human existence. Raphael brings his 20+ years of cultivation experience,  hand-blends his fertilizers and teas, and watches each plant like a father would watch a child.  Monica makes sure to use the cleanest, most potent extraction methods possible, while retaining the precious essential oils with every step.  When that is done, she applies her 7 years of herbal studies and formulation to each product so that Absorb cbd offers a finished product that is superior in effectiveness, offers a wonderful experience, and teaches consumers about what is the optimal forms of each herb.  Due to this commitment each Absorb cbd product is truly beyond CBD. 

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