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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSAVA PROVIDER: ALCHEMY BY DARK HEART

Drawing from aromatherapy, holistic health and herbalism, Alchemy by Dark Heart is a labor of love from our alchemist to you. For millennia, botanical extracts have been used to elevate mood and well-being. With Alchemy by Dark Heart, botanicals meet their natural partner, cannabis- bringing together the wellness benefits of botanicals with cleanly extracted and tested cannabis oil. Our blends ensure that patients get the same experience and flavor profiles every time.

Patients benefit from four tasty and aromatic custom blends for every desired mood. Relax with Chamomile, Lavender and Indica: to relieve stress; Explore with Jasmine, Rose, & Sativa: to promote confidence, charism and curiosity; Inspire with Orange, Vanilla, Chai and Hybrid: to promote creativity & imagination; Awaken with Citrus & Mint: to invigorate the senses. Alchemy by Dark Heart uses CO2 extraction techniques to ensure concentrates are free of harmful hydrocarbons. All products are lab-tested by Steep Hill Labs for potency and safety.
Enhance your experiences with a discreet, sleek stylish vaporizer pen that provides the same consistent aromatics and potency every time.

  • Alchemy Vaporizer Battery

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