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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Ardent

Healthy Edibles to Promote Wellness

Chef Eva started Ardent Confections out of frustration. Upon surveying the selection at various dispensaries, she was so dismayed that the selection of “medicinal” edibles all had refined sugar in them. Along with a long list of other ingredients which patients should avoid, most edibles were treated more like candy, if not being actual candy. As such she wanted to create a line of “chocolate vitamins”, an edible that has all of the benefits of raw chocolate that patients could eat without compromising their health and wellness.

Oakland-based and having been an ER nurse before becoming a chef, Eva created this line with patients in mind. Her edibles are low-dose because she wants patients to be able to enjoy a truffle without the fear of becoming too high or uncomfortable. The truffles are all made with naturally-grown cannabis trichomes. Each new batch of oil is then tested by CW Labs for consistency as well as for any biologic issues.