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Auntie Dolores is an edibles company that got their start in 2008, in San Francisco, the birthplace of medical cannabis.

The name Auntie Dolores was conceived in the famous Dolores Park, and is a double entendre, meaning “anti-pain” (Dolores means pain in Spanish). Auntie Dolores’ healthy gourmet edibles satisfy medical cannabis patients and enthusiasts with delicious flavors, along with consistency of dosage. Many of the products on the Auntie Dolores menu are savory, low glycemic or sugar free, and contain superfood ingredients; these qualities stand out against the white sugar-laden varieties of edibles available in the market, and appeal to the health conscious consumer with the sophisticated palate. Today, Auntie Dolores healthy gourmet edibles are sold throughout California dispensaries and to thousands of patients in the Auntie Dolores Cooperative.

Julianna Carella founded Auntie Dolores, bringing 20+ years of culinary work with cannabis and entrepreneurship in the health space. In 2013, Julianna developed Treatibles CBD-infused pet products, which were introduced under the Auntie Dolores line of products. Julianna is an avid proponent of health freedom, a visionary, and an activist in the MMJ community. As a health food enthusiast, Julianna began incorporating cannabinoids into her own diet and sharing the benefits with friends and family members who later encouraged her to turn her passion into a business. The Auntie Dolores mission is to provide safe access to cannabinoids for all sectors of society, including animals.

  • chocolate-brownie

    THC Brownie Bites

    3.5 out of 5
  • savory-pretzels

    Savory Pretzels

  • truffles

    Superfood CBD Truffles

  • glazed-pecans

    Glazed Pecans

  • chililime-peanuts

    Chili Lime Peanuts


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