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Bōsm is a product line that promotes breast health education and inspires women to take care of their breasts.

Our breast health oil was designed to use daily with healthy breast massage, which will aid in the detoxification of the breast tissue. Our formula uses curative herbs and essential oils that have been treasured for centuries to aid the body’s natural healing processes. Bōsm celebrates femininity, wellness & vitality. But, our goals reach well beyond health and beauty; we want to inspire women to truly love and care for themselves. Anoint your inner goddess with luxurious blends of healing essential oils and detoxifying cannabinoids from sun-grown plants.

Bōsm founder Raea Campbell took what – for many women – is devastating news and transformed it into a positive opportunity to share light and well-being with the world. Her mother’s diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer inspired Raea to dive deeply into ancient healing wisdom and new scientific research in search of the best possible tools to battle and prevent disease. What she emerged with was a meaningful alternative to Western methods and a deeply held passion for whole plant options for self-care. Raea dreams of the day when everyone everywhere can access this critical and beautifully benecial herbal medicine.

Bōsm Breast Health Oil is here to encourage and empower women to discover breast health and wellness through embracing daily breast massage. Our breast health oil is designed to deliver healing energies from therapeutic botanicals and gemstones directly to the bodice. Bōsm Oil provides metabolic tissue homeostasis via the transdermal delivery of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our oil also encourages the elimination of built up toxins and lymphatic drainage through massage. Sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs, our oils are produced with as many organic ingredients as possible. Our cannabis extract is derived from full plant, organically and sun grown cannabis and is extracted using organic grape alcohol.

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