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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Chooselove

Spreading the word as to why it’s important to CHOOSELOVE.

CHOOSELOVE caramels are hand made with love using simple ingredients (pure cane sugar, cream, natural corn syrup, butter) along with all-natural flavorings including apple, blood orange, cacao, meyer lemon and key lime, natural peppermint oil, spices, and hibiscus flowers. Then we add our organic, hybridized, full-plant cannabis extract!

A light to medium dose of CHOOSELOVE caramel is known for creating mood-enhancing and freeing effects. Patients have reported experiencing an opening of the mind and increased creativity, an enhancement of the flavor of a meal and the sound of music, even an increased sensitivity to a lover’s touch. We have found that our caramels can also help catalyze laughter, extend patience, and even strengthen relationships by facilitating more open communication.

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