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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Emerald Alchemy

Emerald Alchemy offers sustainable, sun grown medicine cultivated organically.

Emerald Alchemy is a medical cannabis apothecary offering artisan quality tinctures, solventless concentrates, and flowers. With loyalty to pure and potent medicine and a deep understanding of plant science in relationship to the body, we offer customized support for a wide range of individual patient needs. We are committed to providing hand crafted cannabis goods that are artisan quality and seasonally fresh. We produce pure plant medicine and are unconditionally devoted to it.

Our cannabis flowers are cultivated organically on our farm using worm casting extraction, natural soil inoculants and teas. Our farms are land, critter and sea friendly. Our flowers are packed full of terpenes goodness!  Cold Water Hash has many names. Some of the names include ice wax, water extraction, hashish, melts, resin, cold water, and solventless*. All forms are a concentrated cannabis collection of resin produced using cold water and silk screen fabric. Our process is unique in that all medicine is entirely made by hand. We use no machinery at all to make Emerald Alchemy hash. Most other concentrated cannabis artisans use washing machines, motorized mixers and electrical pumps in their process which we have eliminated in order to create a product in which we have intimate control over every aspect. We call this process “hand extracted.”

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