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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Flour Child

Flour Child is cultivating community through cannabis through compassion, creativity, and sustainability.

Flour Child Collective makes Edible & Topical Remedies infused with cannabis and made using local & organic ingredients with a mellow, easy-to-measure dosage. We believe edibles should be beyond “edible” – they should be delicious & nourishing. We work with many small family farms all around Northern California to source the best tasting, most nourishing ingredients we can find for our edibles & topicals.

Our CBD-rich edible & topical remedies are made using strains that are low in THC but rich in cannabidiol (aka CBD), another cannabinoid present in cannabis that is responsible for many of the physical benefits but does not have the psychoactive effect of THC. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and can help in managing pain and nausea. We use an oil concentrate made from whole CBD-rich flowers. Our THC-rich edible remedies are made using solvent-less, ice water-extracted hashish in a variety of strains for the cleanest medicine & best flavor. They are gentler in dosage than most high THC edibles out there, and come in easy-to-measure formats so you can easily control the dose that’s right for you.

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Visit their Website, and read an interview with founder, Stephany, on Cannabis Now.