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Strong. Organic. Delicious.

Higherveda Medicinals is an artisanal brand of edibles and pristine solvent-less hash. Eden and Brian are the founders of the brand and are dedicated to sustainable and equitable products and business practices rooted in the the cannabis culture of northern CA. Eden is a Bay Area practitioner of Classical Indian Medicine (Ayurveda); Ayurveda uses cannabis medicinally and it is referred to as vijaya, meaning victory.

Found primarily in formulations for serious digestive disorders, some reproductive health issues, parasites, some mental health issues, and the many and sundry complaints of aging including body pain, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, and other quality of life issues. When Eden formulated the ingredients for Higherveda bars she considered the Ayurvedic understanding of the qualities and karmas (actions) of cannabis. Ayurveda almost always uses herbs in formulations, not as single herbs, so various aspects of each plant can be augmented or palliated. Ayurveda understands there can be negative aspects due to the drying, heating and astringent qualities of cannabis on the body and it’s somewhat disordering quality on the mind. So Eden created 3 formulations including ayurvedic herbs and other ingredients that help balance these less desirable effects and so that all the goodness of the medicating cold-water hash can be accessed.