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Lord Jones was created to provide patients and consumers with the finest cannabis infused products available, products that are safe, reliable, clearly labeled, easy to use, and that deliver consistent results, every time.

Lord Jones founders, Robert Rosenheck and Cindy Capobianco are a husband and wife team with years of experience working in the fashion, food and personal care industries prior to entering the cannabis industry. In 2014, they started the non-profit collective, Hollywood Hills Wellness to provide safe, legal access to cannabis to members of the Hollywood community including Academy Award winning actors, Grammy Award winning recording artists, professional athletes and other patients seeking alternative treatments for a variety of ailments including chronic pain, cancer, neuropathy, opioid addiction, multiple sclerosis and recurring migraines. This first-hand caregiver experience has deepened their understanding of cannabis as medicine and informed their product development for Lord Jones.

Robert Rosenheck, Founder
Rob is an award winning brand strategist, designer and product developer.  His past clients include General Mills, Sony Music, Paramount Pictures, Random House Publishing Group, The Center for Environmental Health and Planned Parenthood. Rob is also a life long environmentalist having worked to remediate chemical contamination on Native American tribal lands, serving as Strategic Advisor to the Center for Environmental Health and as a senior fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program. He is co-founder of CAPOBIANCO, an agency specializing in launching and growing innovative brands with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Cindy Capobianco, Co-Founder
Cindy is a fashion industry veteran and seasoned retail industry expert. Prior to co-founding Lord Jones, Cindy worked in the fashion departments at Vogue and Allure magazines and was part of the Marie Claire US launch team. Cindy went on to become Director of Public Relations for a number of major US fashion brands including Donna Karan and Banana Republic. In 2000, Cindy was named Vice President of Global Marketing at GAP. In 2004, Cindy launched her own agency, CAPOBIANCO and served a diverse group of clients in the food, fashion, lifestyle and health & wellness sectors.

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Visit their Website, and read about their company in Vogue, Rolling Stone, and High Times.