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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Nativ

Nativ creates experiences where wellness and joy come together. With a sharp focus on purity and design, we provide artisanal cannabis for the refined connoisseur.

As cannabis patients, we have all battled the stigma imposed upon us by nearly a century of Cannabis prohibition.  Before founding Nativ, we too were affected by these stigmas caused by society’s ill-informed notions surrounding cannabis use.

We’d had enough. It was time to head to Venice, California, a place that represents a new era of progressive cannabis activism. In Venice, cannabis use is as much about health as it is about wellness. It’s about sparking creativity, nurturing a sense of community, enhancing the way the pacific breeze feels when it hits your skin, and enriching the most cherished parts of our lives.


Nativ is our way of advocating a cannabis renaissance with a sharp focus on quality and safety—this resonates beautifully in every 100% solvent-free Nativ product.

Nativ’s Cannabis is grown using sustainable farming practices and is free of synthetic pesticides. Our unique blend of fertile soil, microclimate, and meticulous farming produce cannabis of the highest quality. Our indoor facilities have been designed with nearly a zero ecological footprint. We do our best to keep mother nature as happy as our patients!