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The edible for mind-gut health!

Oara Chocolates are made with 70% cacao dark chocolate and balance a daily probiotic with a moderate cannabis dose for those desiring a functional edible experience.

Quality Cannabis – We work with experienced Northern Californian growers who cultivate their cannabis naturally – in the ground, under the sun – without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemical fertilizers.
Robust Probiotics – We ensure viable probiotic strains in every product by sourcing our cultures from one of the leading probiotics manufacturers in the United States.

Gourmet Chocolate – We use couverture chocolate ingredients sourced from world-class cocoa beans.

Comprehensive Testing – Our chocolates are tested by certified laboratories for cannabinoid profiling, quantity of live probiotic cultures, and for the presence of pathogens. Cannabinoid testing is performed by CW Analytical.

Oara was founded by Berkeley natives, Charlotte Burger Troy and her partner who have a combined expertise of over 30 years in the food, media, technology, public service, and non-profit sectors. Charlotte started Oara in large part due to a fascination with the ever-developing scientific evidence that cannabis can be used to treat common ailments combined with emerging research on probiotics uncovering the intimate connection between our guts, brains, and feelings of well-being.

Charlotte and her partner are grateful for the opportunity to share with you their passion for healthful, nutritious, medicinal chocolate.

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