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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Outset

Inspired by the desire to live an active lifestyle.

Our mission is simple. We are spreading the joy and therapeutic benefits of cannabis through low-dose, small batch edibles made with quality, organic ingredients and alcohol-extracted cannabis oil. Hailing from the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, we are educating our community on safe, responsible ways to consume edibles, including starting slow with one serving size, eaten with your favorite healthy snack for optimal effects, and slowing increasing or decreasing your serving size as you learn your tolerance.

Founder Nick created Outset after a sports injury requiring multiple knee surgeries. Given traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions to manage his pain, it resulted in terrible side effects, low self-esteem and a sedentary life. Driven to find another way to manage his pain while still being physically fit, he created a high-quality ingredient product that would support physical recovery and mental wellness. The result: edibles that help rediscover an active lifestyle with less pain, stress and anxiety, and no pharmaceutical side effects.

Whether you love to surf in the Pacific, bike through the neighborhood, find calm on a yoga mat or run on the beach on a foggy day, Outset Edibles make the perfect companion.

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Visit their Website, and read a review in Dope Magazine. Outset was also featured on Green Flower Media’s web series, Try This.

SAVA is delivering to all customers 21+ in San Francisco, and to 21+ and/or medical customers in select Bay Area cities. Details here.  | Dismiss