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Our story begins where Eastern Natural Medicine and Western Scientific Research meet.

Pure Ratios is committed to developing patented proprietary solutions to cannabis-based products that are supported by both natural medicine techniques and extensive scientific research. Our mission is to provide more efficient delivery of cannabinoids throughout the body with consistent dosing.

This combination of multifaceted approaches sparked the common goal of intersecting those methods to deliver cannabinoids into the body’s system more efficiently, which lead to the birth of Pure Ratios.

True to its name, Pure Ratios’ products are free of artificial additives and enhanced by herbal components that have been proven in Natural medicine to both protect the body and provide therapeutic direction to the formulation. Today, Pure Ratios offers a full line of Hemp based CBD products that are blended with essential oils and natural herbs to work synergistically to create overall wellness for the body.

Pure Ratios is a family of products which can be used separately or together to provide long-lasting yet fast-acting relief. For example, using a patch and a vape or lozenges to achieve the desired dosage. Our products provide a solution as the endocannabinoid system becomes down regulated over time.. The vape and lozenges allow the patient to bypass the liver and digestive tract to get effects within minutes. The lungs and mouth provide a medium for fast absorption while the patch provides a long-lasting base line dosage. Together they create synergy!

  • Bloom Farms Rose Gold Collection

  • Kikoko Cannabis Infused Teas

    Rated 4.60 out of 5
  • Kikoko HoneyShot

  • Kikoko Taste of Tea Sampler Tin

  • Atlas Cannabis Infused Beverage Mix

  • Kikoko Cannabis Infused Teas – Single Pouches

  • Dose Pen 200 by dosist

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
  • Atlas Edibles Granola Clusters

  • Sunrise Gardens Flower

  • Somatik THC Dominant Cold Brew

  • Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus Complete Set

  • Somatik 1:1 Cold Brew


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