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SAVA provides you with the highest quality flower available.

Our cannabis flowers are grown by strict environmental and health standards. Our cultivators guarantee that the plants are sun-grown (strictly through outdoor and light deprivation practices) in natural soil, without the use of petroleum-derived fertilizers. Pest management is achieved only by non-synthetic means. Chemicals and petroleum products do not go together with the high standards you should expect from your medical cannabis. We work with SC Labs to analyze the content and strength of our flower.

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    Sava THC Flowers

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    Sava CBD Flowers


About our farms

Big Band Cannabrand

Big Band Cannabrand is a fully sustainable multi-crop cultivation project in the Sierra mountain range. The collective, based out of San Francisco, has 50 or so patients. The men and women with Big Band have over 35 years cumulative experience cultivating top grade flowers in the California sunshine. Flowers are grown outdoors or in light deprivation, with totally organic practices, using beneficial insects to treat pests. They specialize in rare strains based on a collaboration with cutting edge cannabis geneticists and in 2016 produced the raw material resulting in 1st place dry sieve category in the Emerald Cup.

Sunrise Gardens Collective

Sunrise Gardens Collective is a Clean Green© certified farm in the foothills of beautiful Mendocino County. All cannabis is sun-grown in natural soil without the use of petroleum-derived fertilizers. Pest management is achieved by non-synthetic means. Cultivators adhere to strict environmental and health standards in order to produce the purest medical cannabis while being gentle to their surrounding environment.

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