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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Treat Yourself

Cultivate health and happiness.

We are women who create cannabis-infused health and beauty products for women.  We value self-care and strive to promote a cannabis culture of women who share in our belief of “my body is my temple.”  Being mindful of dietary restrictions, allergies and trends, we create nutrient-packed products with only the finest quality ingredients.  When designing our products, our goal is to cultivate health and happiness while creating an enjoyable experience for our patients. We hope to inspire women to indulge in a little self-love every day.


Treat Yourself was co-founded by two childhood friends, Cindy and Leone, who both have a passion for healthy and holistic lifestyles. As a longtime cannabis user, Cindy was disappointed by the lack of women-friendly products available in medical marijuana dispensaries. After completing her health coach education, Cindy discovered the importance of food not only as fuel, but also as medicine that heals and prevents ailments. She could not understand how cannabis, such a powerful medicine, was only available in sugary, fat-laden edibles. Cindy recruited Leone, who was transitioning from her career as a 911 operator to a yoga instructor, to help her develop ways to naturally and healthfully medicate with cannabis. Together they have crafted superfood-rich cannabis edibles and topicals for women to enjoy and heal themselves with.  They hope to inspire women to indulge in a little self-love every day.

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