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Your experience elevated

We are TSO, which translates to “earth” from the original spelling of Sonoma “Tso-noma” for “earth-village”. TSO Sonoma is a lifestyle brand dedicated to reimagining how people approach a health-conscious lifestyle. We only source sun-grown, organically farmed cannabis in the most earth-friendly sustainable way. TSO Sonoma is an exceptional blend of care, craftsmanship and respect for nature.

Our mission is to elevate the cannabis experience making it more approachable for new users. By using a balanced blend of ethically farmed CBD and THC, our products are beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit in an uplifting, non-overpowering way. TSO Sonoma was created for the working professional and discreet parent looking for a healthy alternative to relieve stress and anxiety.

We are not just products, we are an experience. TSO Sonoma is bringing the Wine Country tasting experience of good, food, wine, and now cannabis to the community through our Elevated Event Series. Please join us.

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Visit their Website, and read about them on The Herb Somm.