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Bloom Farms Flower


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Bloom Farms is going back to their roots with their new line of FLOWER. Meticulously tested for quality, safety and consistency, their California-crafted ultra-premium flower begins with hand-selected plants harvested at peak flavor and freshness.



Daytime – Lemon Cake
The frosty moss-green buds of Lemon Cake satisfy with memorable flavor—pungent with a tasty hint of creamy citrus—and a hefty punch of quick-acting uplift that melts into full-body relaxation. With pleasing mind and body effects, this sativa-heavy strain is often chosen by those seeking a sense of overall happiness and elevated energy. Flavor Profile (Terpenes): Pungent with a tasty hint of creamy citrus

Daytime – Silver Mountain
Derived by crossing Super Silver Haze with Appalachia and crowned in dense lime green buds, Silver Mountain satisfies with a spicy, sour bouquet reminiscent of cantaloupe and honey oats. Its potent sativa effects—sharpened senses, functional euphoria and enhanced creativity—are complemented by increased appetite and pain mitigation, making Silver Mountain a popular choice for both outdoor recreation and physical relief.


Anytime (Hybrid) – Three Kings
Headband, OG Kush and Sour Diesel combine into Three Kings, a well-rounded hybrid that provides both focused uplift and relaxed happiness. With bright sage green buds and visible trichomes, this indica-leaning hybrid is often chosen by people seeking relief from pain, nausea and stress without compromising their energy levels.Flavor Profile (Terpenes): Sweet and sour with some tang

Anytime (Hybrid) – Skunk Berry
The best traits of Skunk and Blueberry come together in Skunk Berry, a sativa-indica hybrid that encourages feelings of wellness to both mind and body. Its initial euphoric, mentally stimulating buzz melts into a layer of full-body relaxation. Many people choose Skunk Berry for its ability to offset physical pain without too much sedation.Flavor Profile (Terpenes): Spicy citrus with some skunk


Evening (Indica) – Do-Si-Do
Indica-dominant Do-Si-Do derives from GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and is prized for its beautiful purple leaves and sparkly trichomes. It is known to induce intense body relaxation and heavy drowsiness with a pleasing hint of cerebral euphoria, making it ideal for daydreaming and self-reflection. Flavor Profile (Terpenes): Sweet and earthy with floral notes of mint

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1/8 Lemon Cake (S), 1/8 Do Si Do (I), 1/8 Skunk Berry (H), 1/8 Three Kings (H), 1/8 Silver Mountain (S)


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