CCELL Vape Pen Battery

Vaporizer battery for use with Chemistry cartridges

The best match for your Chemistry CCELL cartridge and most other 510 thread cartridges! Read more.

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A Chemistry CCELL battery is the best match for your Chemistry CCELL cartridge--and most other 510 thread cartridges!

What Is CCELL Technology?

The absolute best pocketable vaporizer technology available on the market. Hands down. Not even debatable. Internally, we call it a “dabstick."

CCELL cartridges have porous ceramic atomizers that produce robust, flavorful hits down to the last drop of oil. They have 510 universal threading, so are compatible with most batteries. But you really should pair it with one of our CCELL batteries.

The CCELL battery is a 350 mAh, high discharge battery that is inhale activated. The combined experience is seamless, intuitive and truly something special.

License: CDPH-T00000329