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Emerald Alchemy Elixirs

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Botanical extracts thoughtfully formulated from the herbal pharmacopeia anointed with Emerald Alchemy Cannabis.



Use these elixirs to craft delicious cocktails!

Read the recipes here. 

Emerald Alchemy Farm and Apothecary: Our cannabis is grown on the Emerald Alchemy farm in Northern California. We celebrate the vast potential of botanical relationships that fortify the wellbeing of cannabis consumers.  In our formulations we combine cannabis with the highest quality raw ingredients sourced first locally from small certified organic and wild crafted artisan farmers and foragers. We only entertain ingredients in our products proven to be safe and plant based.  A sincere devotion to organic, sustainable farming and business practices formulate the core foundation for all Emerald Alchemy products.

BE MINDFUL: Always seek the counsel of your medical professional before delighting in a cannabis compound. Know that each person responds uniquely to the effects of cannabis. Take the time to reveal what dose is right for you. For those who are new to cannabis or who have not recently ingested cannabis regularly start with a very light dose and observe your body for three hours before consuming any more cannabis.

TO IMBIBE: First shake your elixir bottle vigorously while taking three long deep breaths inhaling completely and exhaling completely.  To fill the dropper, first pinch the rubber top completely forcing all the air and any leftover contents in the pipette to empty.  While keeping the rubber top fully pinched insert the glass pipette into the bottle and let the rubber top expand sucking up a full dropper of elixir.  One full dropper contains one milliliter of elixir.   Our elixirs can be ingested by dropping the measured quantity under the tongue, on the tongue, or in a small amount of water.  One of our favorite ways to imbibe an Emerald Alchemy Elixir is to inoculate fresh juice, a smoothie or any cocktail with the desired dose.

TESTING: SCLabs tests all Emerald Alchemy cannabis for micro contaminentents, pesticides & fertilizers, cannabinoid and terpene potency.

Rosa Sagrada – Aphrodisiac (Formerly Feral Cat)

Aphrodisiacs are traditionally used in rituals and meditation between couples to unite their physical and spiritual bodies, stimulate sexual desire, and create euphoric feelings of connection. Rosa Sagrada, or ‘the sacred rose’, can also be used by individuals to facilitate one’s own divine healing journey. This delicious elixir contains three powerful, sacral enhancing herbs: Maca, Damiana and Cacao. Together they form an herbal synergy which works with cannabis to let one’s inner sacred rose bloom and bloom, all while influencing the experience of immeasurable bliss. 

Ingredients: *Maca, *Damiana, *Cacao, *Ashwagandha, *Hawthorn Berry, *Nutmeg, *Cinnamon, *Orange Peel, *Vanilla/Rose, *Grape Alcohol, RawHoney, Emerald Alchemy Cannabis(*)Certified Organic Ingredient

Suggested Cannabis Dose: 10 mg THC (2 full droppers)

Dusk to Dawn – Promotes Sleep

Dusk to Dawn is a powerful herbal nightcap, alchemized to guide the mind and body into a state of deep relief and rest. Experiencing healthy sleep is known to be one of the most poignant elements of peak wellness, and Dusk to Dawn is made with sweet dreams in mind. Cannabis has been proven to help one fall asleep quickly and easily, while California Poppy is an effective aid in combating anxiety and insomnia.  Mugwort protects one’s spirit while at rest, and encourages lucid dreaming – sometimes of a psychedelic nature. May sweet dreams flourish!

Ingredients: *Skullcap, *Chamomile, *Passion Flower, *California Poppy, *Hops, Mugwort, *Valerian, *Grape Alcohol, Honey, Emerald Alchemy Cannabis (*)Certified Organic Ingredient

Suggested Cannabis Dose: 5 mg CBD & 10 mg THC (1 full dropper)

Yin Flow – Women’s Wellness (Formerly Fire Bush)

Women, the divine beings that we are, get to experience the moon’s flow in a very physical way through our cycles. Sometimes we need a little help to channel our potential, soothe minor tensions and stoke the sacred fire. We’ve alchemized this herbal remedy to support you as you experience the cycles of the divine feminine. Vitex Berry promotes a balanced hormone melody. Red Raspberry leaf is a wholesome uterine tonic. Cramp Bark and cannabis ease uterine spasms, while the rich, nourishing flavor of Burdock Root encourages a grounding energy. You are a powerful divine Queen.

Ingredients: *Vitex Berry, *Red Raspberry Leaf, *Nettles, Burdock, *Motherwort, *Black Cohosh, *Cramp Bark, *Ginger, *Grape Alcohol, Raw Honey, Emerald Alchemy Cannabis (*)Certified Organic Ingredient\

Suggested Cannabis Dose: 5 mg CBD & 5 mg THC (1 full dropper)

Tonic VIII – Daily Wellness (Formerly White Buffalo)

Tonic VIII is formulated to integrate melodic balance in the body. Cultivating wellness every day with tonic herbs can improve mental, emotional & physical health over the long term. We have carefully selected an herbal composition to support each organ system of the body. Burdock builds and purifies the blood by detoxifying heavy metals. It also aids the lymphatic system, supports the skin, bolsters the body against diabetes and arthritis, and combats cancer cells. Nettles nourish the skin, bones and urinary tract. Astragalus strengthens and tones the immune system, while Ashwagandha acts as a supreme adaptogen. A powerful tonic herb, Cannabis has been proven to slay cancer cells, while reducing nausea, anxiety, relieving depression and providing pain relief. May alignment come with the path of least resistance and shine brightly.

Ingredients: *Nettles, *Ashwagandha, *Goji Berry, Burdock, *Ginger, *Astragalus, *Hawthorn, *Orange Peel, *Grape Alcohol, Honey, Emerald Alchemy Cannabis (*)Certified Organic Ingredient

Suggested Cannabis Dose: 5 mg CBD & 5 mg THC (1 full dropper)’

Kind Eagle – Quit Smoking (Formerly Beat The Moose)

Everyone has their own reasons for quitting smoking, and sometimes it may seem to be an impossible challenge. We have alchemized an herbal formula to help you surpass this addictive habit. Lobeline, an alkaloid found in lobelia, mimics the sensation of nicotine without the addictive side effects. California poppy, a powerful herbal sedative, and respiratory expectorants such as mullein and oats will soothe and purify your system while your mind becomes calm. Combined with our blend of local organic honey and traditionally made hash, this herbal elixir is a powerful ally for anyone who desires to quit smoking. Courage dear heart.

Ingredients: *Mullein, *Oats, *California Poppy, *Ashwagandha, *Lobelia, *Grape Alcohol, Raw Honey, Emerald Alchemy Cannabis (*)Certified Organic Ingredient

Suggested Cannabis Dose: 5 mg CBD & 5 mg THC (1 full dropper)

Anatomy Relief – Pain Management

Anatomy Relief is formulated to support your body throughout the day. Inflammation and pain can make even the simplest of tasks feel impossible, and it can be all too easy to surrender to that pain. Our intention for this elixir is to provide you with daily relief while increasing your overall mobility and strength. Turmeric, black pepper, and rosemary all contain a terpene called beta-caryophyllene, which strengthen the medicinal benefits of cannabis while reducing inflammation and pain. Don’t let your pain make you a victim, be strong and know that you are healing.

Ingredients: *Turmeric, *White Willow Bark, *Kava Kava, *Rosemary, *Black Pepper, *Ginger, *Grape Alcohol, Honey, Emerald Alchemy Cannabis (*)Certified Organic Ingredient

Suggested Cannabis Dose: 5 mg CBD & 10 mg THC (1 full dropper)

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Rosa Sagrada – Aphrodisiac, Dusk to Dawn – Promotes Sleep, Yin Flow – Women's Wellness, Tonic VIII – Overall Wellness, Kind Eagle – Quit Smoking, Anatomy Relief – Pain Management

2 reviews for Emerald Alchemy Elixirs

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tina (verified owner)

    I’m new to treating chronic pain using natural herbs and elixers such as these products, and all I can say is wow the dusk to dawn provides me with the best nights sleep I’ve had in 3 years. I mixed a quarter drop with a cup of chamomile tea and relaxed with a good book 30 mins. later fell asleep and awoke rested and ready to begin my day. You’ve got to try these they are so much better than meds the doctors would have given me.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Jeff (verified owner)

    I purchase Dusk to Dawn, but this is not for me. You can’t take this straight because it burns you from the alcohol. This is good if mixed with something. I did have probelms waking up the next day. This is not for me.

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