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Emerald Alchemy Whole Flower Rosin


Available in 1/2 grams

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Flower rosin, i.e. heat pressed solventless hash made from whole flowers, is the purest of solventless hash oil.

Solventless hash oil and rosin are one in the same. This specialty concentrate is produced through a process of heat pressing cannabis between two steel plates. We press our cold water hash as a further step in purification.

Why medicate with solventless? Because when you concentrate the flower, you concentrate it ALL. Therefore, considering the medical benefits of solventless for our patients, we strictly believe in organic medicine at Emerald Alchemy. Pondering the ethical benefits for all, we enjoy the idea of sustainable and clean farming with an environmental focus and collectives that promote and educate their patients about the benefits of organic medicine.

Currently available in Orange Diesel, Mona Lisa and Three Kings OG

Orange Diesel ~ Sour Diesel x Agent Orange ~ exotic pungent fuel and citrus aroma.  Unbelievable potency is a sativa dominant uplifting beauty.

Mona Lisa ~ TG Genetics, DaVinci OG x Medusa. Bringing on the power of her mother and the sour essence of her father to create and extremely resinous flower with a heavy buy equal body high.  Old school earthy sour flavor profile crossed with OG power.

Three Kings ~ OG Kush x Headband x Sour Diesel.  This is a  70% sativa and 30% indica combination of the three most popular strains in history!  Tangy and a bit sweet.

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Orange Diesel, Three Kings, Mona Lisa


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