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Henry’s Original Flower


Premium cannabis available in 1/8s

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Our pre-packaged 1/8th’s are always filled with top-shelf premium cannabis.

Our flower has been properly cured and carefully hand-trimmed before being sealed for the highest level of freshness.

We package our flower soon after hand-trimming to ensure it retains its fresh flavor and aroma.

Clementine |16.6% THC:>0.01% CBD
Tangie x Lemon Skunk. This sativa dominant has a very pungent aroma and taste of lemons with a very sweet finish.

Platinum Pineapple | 26.5% THC:>0.01% CBD
Platinum x Pineapple Haze. A very sweet tasting CBD flower. The pungent aroma is very sweet and piney. It is not very psychoactive, but the effect will be a euphoric and relaxing.

Sangria | 16.3% THC:>0.01% CBD
Purple Diesel x Agent Orange. Sweet tasting dense nugs with the aroma of tangerine and orange.

Spyrock OG | 23% THC:>0.01% CBD
Mendocino OG pheno. The real deal OG straight out of Mendocino, grown on Spy Rock Mountain. This has the classic earthy OG taste and aroma, It has a very potent flower testing high in THC.

White Grape | 20.6% THC:>0.01% CBD
White Widow x Grape Ape. An Indica dominant flower that has sharp and fruity aromas. The effects are long-lasting and powerful.

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Clementine, Sangria, Spyrock OG, White Grape, Platinum Pineapple


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