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Henry’s Original Pre-Rolls


4 half-gram smokes

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Unwind with our Premium cannabis Smokes, filled with flower harvested fresh from the fields.

Each pack is filled with 4 half-gram smokes packed with heirloom cannabis grown with the utmost care by expert cultivators. We grind our flower in a custom grinder to ensure the finest consistency for a smooth, slow-burning smoke.


Banana Cookies | 15% THC
Banana Kush x Girl Scout cookies – A hybrid consisting of frosty, dense nugs with the aroma of overripe bananas and just out of the oven cookies.

Starry Night | 16% THC
Nose: Earthy, Sweet, Pine
Effect: all-purpose option for indica and sativa lovers alike. Its smooth comedown makes it a great way to end a busy workday


Chemdawg 91 | 16.6% THC
A hybrid flower with the aroma of diesel and piney undertones. It’s origins are a mystery, however it’s believed to be a decedent of a Thai landrace strain.


Rose of Hope | 6.5%THC – 12.8% CBD
Nose: Pine, Earthy, Citrus
Effect: Anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, has some psychoactivity while minimizing THC’s unwanted side effects. THC and CBD work synergistically to provide stress relief, while reducing anxiety and inflammation in the body.


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Banana Cookies, Chemdawg 91, Rose of Hope, Starry Night


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