Sweet Jane CBD 16:1 Tincture

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A CBD-rich tincture

Sweet Jane 16:1 supports relief of minor pain, mild inflammation, stressful feelings. Also helps with muscle pain and spasms. Read more.

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Supports relief of minor pain, mild inflammation, stressful feelings, muscle spasms, and anxious feelings.

License: CDPH-T10001139

.5 oz : Approximately 141.2 mg CBD - 8.8 mg THC

1 oz : Approximately 282 mg CBD - 18 mg THC

Total mg per dose (1 mL): Approximately 9.4 mg CBD - .6 mg THC. Exact doage will vary batch to batch.

Coconut MCT Oil, Cannabis Extract, Vitamin E, Organic Stevia, Peppermint Essential Oil. Contains Coconut and non-GMO Soy.

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