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Highland Pantry Almond Butter


10mg CBD, 10mg THC and 2:1 CBD: THC versions.



Our almond butter is made from organic almonds and cannabis oil, that’s it! Almonds are a non­-mold, healthy fat that makes a perfect conduit for the absorption of cannabis in the body. We source only the best CO2 extracted cannabis for our products and produce each batch with love in a food grade environment. Packed with protein and nutrients, each packet of HP almond butter is the perfect shelf­ stable, on ­the ­go snack to keep you balanced throughout your day, or night.

Three varieties available:
*CBD: 10 milligrams of CBD
*THC: 10 milligrams of THC
*2:1 CBD:THC: 20 milligrams of CBD, 10 milligrams of THC

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10mg CBD, 10mg THC, 2:1 CBD: THC


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