Protab+ Recover

Protab+ Recover

Stimulate THCv-Enriched Tablinguals

Stimulate THCv-Enriched Tablinguals



High-dose tablets that are designed to be swallowed with liquid.

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Indica Protabs: For a calming high, designed to relax your body

Sativa Protabs: For a cerebral high, designed to stimulate your mind

Hybrid Protabs: For a classic high, designed to amplify your mind and body

CBD Protabs: For a non-psychoactive experience

1:1 CBD Protabs: A balanced blend of CBD and THC

CBG Protabs: For easing mental and physical stress without psychoactive effects

CBDa Protabs: For relaxation with no psychoactive effects

THCa Protabs: For pain alleviation

Delta-8 THC Protabs: For relaxation of both mind and body

More Information
Intro Text 25mg tablets available in indica, sativa, hybrid, CBD, THCa, CBDa, Delta-8 THC, and CBG.

NOTE: The exact amount of cannabinoids are subject to change from batch to batch, and the numbers below are a close estimate. Dosage may vary slightly from the photos. If you'd like to confirm any information about this product, please reach out to our team at or 415-993-9973. Directions:

  • Protabs are designed to be swallowed with liquid.
  • Takes effect in 30–90 minutes, with a duration of 2–4 hours.
  • Should you want to consume a lighter dose, the Protabs scored so you can easily split one in half.

Indica Protabs: ~25mg THC and ~0.80mg THC per tablet | ~250mg THC and ~8mg THC per box

Sativa Protabs: ~25mg THC and ~0.80mg THC per tablet | ~250mg THC and ~8mg THC per box

Hybrid Protabs: ~25mg THC per tablet | ~250mg THC per box

CBD Protabs: ~25mg CBD per tablet | ~250mg CBD per box

1:1 CBD Protabs: ~12.5mg CBD and ~12.5mg THC per tablet | ~125mg CBD and ~125mg THC per box

CBG Protabs: ~25mg CBG per tablet | ~250mg CBG per box

CBDa Protabs: ~25mg CBDa, ~1mg CBD, ~0.10mg THC, ~2mg THCa per tablet | ~250mg CBDa, ~8mg CBD, 1mg THC, 18mg THCa per box

THCa Protabs: ~25mg THCa, ~3mg delta-9 THC, 0.25mg CBD per tablet | ~250mg THCa and ~30mg delta-9 THC, 3mg CBD per box

Delta-8 THC Protabs: ~25mg delta-8 THC and ~2mg delta-9 THC per tablet | ~250mg delta-8 THC and ~18mg delta-9 THC per box

Helps With Athletic Recovery, Creativity, Energy, Focus, Headache, Inflammation, Mood, Muscle pain, Nerve pain, Pain, Sleep, Socializing, Stress
Cannabinoids THC, CBD, CBG, CBDa, THCa
License CDPH-10004472
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