HoneyShot SNOOZE

  • Nighttime
Manuka honey stick with CBN and THC

HoneyShot SNOOZE combines Manuka honey, melatonin, CBN, and THC for a good night's sleep. THC helps with relaxation while CBN helps keep you asleep with no next-morning hangover. Read more.

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SNOOZE is designed to offer relaxation and promote sleep. Manuka is honey is one of the most potent medicinal honeys in the world. We source our honey from New Zealand from a family friend’s farm in rural Northern New Zealand, ensuring an organic status free of harmful pesticides and heavy metals. In addition to offering antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the SNOOZE HoneyShot aids with relaxation and helps with sleep.

Suggested Use:

  • Aid for relaxation
  • Contains CBN which helps you stay asleep
  • Low-dose melatonin works in concert with cannabinoids
  • No next morning hangover

License: A12-18-0000034

Approximately 2 mg CBD - 2 mg THC - 1 mg melatonin per serving (per package)

Manuka honey, Sun-grown Cannabis Extract

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