Durban Poison 1g Cartridge (Monarch Line)
Durban Poison 1g Cartridge (Monarch Line)

Durban Poison 1g Cartridge (Monarch Line)

Portions from the proceeds from Monarch Cart sales go towards protecting and saving the Monarch Butterfly in California.

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Durban Poison - Sativa Durban Poison is an original African Landrace sativa known for its sweet smell and uplifting qualities. It is an excellent choice for wake-up sessions and all-day use, ideal for getting creative or enjoying long hikes in the great outdoors.

Notes of sweet earth with undertones of pine

Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Pinene

What are the Monarch Cartridges?

The Legion of Bloom's AWARD WINNING Monarch cannabis terpene vape pen offers a pure, perfect cannabis experience.

By blending pure THC oil derived from our naturally grown cannabis with single-source cannabis-derived terpenes, we've created a vape pen that refines the cannabis experience to its purest essence.

Terpenes are the molecules that give marijuana its taste and smell, but they're also responsible for the unique experience that different strains offer. By sourcing all of the terpenes for the Monarch from strain-specific cannabis, we're able to capture the taste, smell, and feel of smoking your favorite strains in a pure concentrated vapor.

Our Monarch cartridges feature a stainless steel and glass construction with a ceramic heating element and ceramic mouth tip for a better tasting vape experience. The Legion of Bloom vape pen, The Monarch, for discerning smokers who want the pure, essence of cannabis in a discrete easy to use offering.

About Legion of Bloom

LEGION is committed to the environment, with a portion of Monarch Cartridge going to reforestation programs to replant trees in areas affected by California wildfires. Let’s Plant Trees Together!


  • AUTHENTICITY: We are founded by farmers with 60+ years of cultivation experience.
  • TERPENES: We list the top terpenes and their percentages on the back of every package to better cater to your individual needs.
  • HEAVY METALS: We never have heavy metals in our products.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: LEGION donates a portion of every California Sauce cartridge/pod sale to One Tree Planted, helping plant trees in areas of California devastated by wildfires.
  • PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: To help save our planet!
  • RECOGNIZED BY EXPERT JUDGES: Winning 2nd place in the best live resin cartridge at Emerald Cup in 2019.
More Information
Intro Text Sativa known for its sweet smell and uplifting qualities.

Triple refined cannabis extract, Live Resin HTE


88.67% total Cannabinoids, 84.84% THC Start slow and build up from there.

Our Cartridge Hardware is produced by AVD and should be compatible with most batteries.

Here is a link our battery page with Cartridge Troubleshooting YouTube Video.

Helps With Creativity, Energy, Focus, Inflammation, Mood, Pain, Stress
Cannabinoids THC
Terpenes Lymonene, Myrcene
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