Lemon Dream Sleep Tonic

  • Nighttime
Find rest and relaxation with this pure-lemon-juice-blended beverage.

Lemon Dream Sleep Tonic features CBN and aromatic hints of lemon balm and lavender. Promotes a restful night’s sleep that blooms into brighter mornings. Read more.

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Lightly sweetened, pure-lemon-juice-blended beverage with low-dosed cannabinoids (CBN, THC) and aromatic hints of lemon balm and lavender to promote a restful night’s sleep that blooms into brighter mornings.

License: CDPH LIC# 10003710

Approximately 5 mg CBN - 3 mg THC per serving. One serving per (2oz) bottle.

Drink 30 minutes before bed to enjoy the relaxing effects which promote a restful night’s sleep.

Water, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, cannabis concentrate, lavender extract, lemon balm extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, lemon extract. Allergens: Coconut

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