Handcrafted Marshmallow Singles

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Low-dose, gourmet marshmallows available as a single serving

The finest in medicated confections, with a variety of delightful flavors available, our small-batch marshmallows look, taste, and make you feel wonderful. Read more.

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The finest in cannabis confections, Mellows are award-winning gourmet marshmallows, handcrafted in San Francisco since 2015. These premium edibles are made with full-spectrum, solventless ice water hash made from a single strain of sativa (Red Congolese by Gold Seal SF), resulting in a euphoric, well-rounded high. Available in a variety of delightful flavors, our small-batch marshmallows look, taste, and make you feel wonderful.

Birthday Cake: This classic combo of a sweet vanilla base topped with rainbow sprinkles turns an annual dessert into an everyday treat. Gluten-free. Dairy-free.

Strawberry Shortcake: Made with real, juicy strawberries, these luscious marshmallows get coated in buttery, homemade shortbread crumbs.

Brown Butter Sage: Fragrant with toasted brown butter and warm sage, these Mellows are unexpected, refined, and utterly decadent. Gluten-free.

License: CDPH-T00000833

Wait at least 2 hours for full effect. Effect varies per individual.

Birthday Cake | 0 mg CBD - 5 mg THC

Strawberry Shortcake | 0 mg CBD - 5 mg THC

Brown Butter Sage | 0 mg CBD - 5 mg THC

Birthday Cake: Cane sugar, light corn syrup, coconut oil, cornstarch, confectioners sugar, gelatin, butter vanilla extract, vanilla extract, kosher salt, rainbow sprinkles (sugar, cornstarch, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, soya lecithin, gum arabic, confectioners glaze, FD&C colors: Yellow #6 Lake, Yellow #5 Dye, Yellow #5 Lake, Blue #1 Lake, Red #40 Lake, Red #3 Dye), cannabis concentrate (solventless).

Strawberry Shortcake: Cane sugar, light corn syrup, strawberries, coconut oil, gelatin, vanilla extract, kosher salt, all purpose flour, unsalted butter, freeze-dried strawberries, cannabis concentrate (solventless).

Brown Butter Sage: Cane sugar, light corn syrup, unsalted butter, coconut oil, cornstarch, confectioners sugar, gelatin, turbinado sugar, sage, vanilla extract, kosher salt, cannabis.

Storage: Best frozen if not consuming right away. Allow your mellows to come to room temperature for 5-10 minutes to get that soft, fluffy texture back. Frozen mellows will last up to 6 months without degradation in quality or potency.

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