Fast Times Flower 14g (Mango Bliss)
Fast Times Flower 14g (Mango Bliss)

Fast Times Flower 14g (Mango Bliss)

C12-0000271-LIC .

Bloom + Play. Fast Times Flower is a terpene-rich, lushly aromatic flower for a creative high you can vibe on.

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A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. For you + rolling your own. Miss Grass Fast Times Flower brings an uplifting high inspired by our signature Fast Times Minis. An energetic, creative smoke that’s meant for opening your spirit, getting things done, and having some fun. Sure to brighten your mood and help you just do you—and maybe someone else, too. Vibrant and sunny, with notes of citrus, mango, and spice. So you can feel just right.

How Fast Times Feels: Sunny, Bright, Creative, Inspired, Free

Notes: Lemon, Orange, Mango, Pine, Spice


About Miss Grass Flower

Miss Grass Flower is grown on a family-owned farm in Northern California that, for over four generations, actually grew the other kind of flowers. The greenhouse practices still remain: pesticide-free and sustainably-tendered with recycled water and house-made soil using reclaimed plant matter and organic inputs. All to produce our full-sized, premium nugs in three special strains. Terpene-rich and lushly aromatic; we chose them because they give just the right kind of highs.

More Information
Intro Text A creative high that's vibrant and sunny with notes of citrus, mango, and spice
Ingredients Premium cannabis flower. Pesticide free. Sustainably grown.

Current Batch Info: Updated 12/8/2022
Total cannabinoids: 26.81%
THC: 25.69%
Strain: Mango Bliss
Lineage: Colombian Mango Biche x Vintage Afghani
Terpenes: Terpinolene, Pinene, Myrcene

NOTE: The cannabinoid percentages are subject to change from batch to batch. If you'd like to confirm any information about this product, please reach out to our team at or 415-993-9973.

Terpenes Caryophyllene, Humulene, Lymonene, Pinene
Cannabinoids THC
Helps With Aphrodisiac, Creativity, Energy, Focus, Mood, Socializing
License C12-0000271-LIC .
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