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Nativ Rosin Pods


Cold Pressed Rosin Pods

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These pods work with the Pax Era device. Pax Era + Pod = vape pen

Our Cold Pressed Rosin Pods begins with carefully selected pesticide-free flower. Next, we press our cannabis using high pressure and low temperature.  ​While traditional processes use volatile solvents and unhealthy additives, our revolutionary solvent-free technique preserves all of the medicinal qualities and flavor nuances that make every strain unique.   Finally, we use a solvent-free process to make our rosin compatible with the PAX Era device. The result being the truest expression of cannabis available for a handheld vaporizer.

Nativ‘s Cannabis is grown using sustainable farming practices and is free of synthetic pesticides. Our unique blend of fertile soil, microclimate, and meticulous farming produce cannabis of the highest quality. Our indoor facilities – located in Palm Springs, Ca – have been designed with nearly a zero ecological footprint….we do our best to keep mother nature as happy as our patients!

Our product contains 100% unadulterated cannabis. We use not additives (i.e Vegetable Glycerin) to change the viscosity of our oil. We suggest using the Pax device on its lowest temperature setting in order to capture the full terpene profile of our strain specific pods! We do not suggest any specificied dosing amount, as everyones needs are unique.

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ACDC 1:1, ACDC 3:1, Gorilla Glue, Candyland, OG


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