Omura Vaporizer

Whole Flower Heat-Not-Burn Device

Omura was designed to be the most convenient whole flower experience with no grinding, packing, or lighter required. Each Omura session lasts 3-minutes to give you the perfect lift, anywhere, anytime. Simply pop in a compatible whole flower stick & enjoy! Read more.

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A whole flower Heat-Not-Burn device engineered to give you what you want, and nothing you don’t in an effortless and clean delivery system.

– Clean and hygienic — no burning, smoke or ash

– Mild fragrance for a discreet and sophisticated experience

– Maintenance is effortless — no grinding, packing or cleaning needed

The Omura Vaporizer is only compatible with whole flower sticks (sold separately):

  1. TSO Sonoma
  2. Sweetwater Pharms

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