Pamos x Sava Launch Gift

To celebrate the launch of Pamos on Sava, we're offering an exclusive gift to our affiliate and influencer community.

Contains a bottle of Pamos, a tote bag, a blanket, and a cocktail kit. Please keep this link private. Use code pamosdelivery to waive the delivery fee. Read more.

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Currently unavailable for purchase.

What is Pamos?

Unlike traditional spirits, Pamos is non-alcoholic and infused with a balanced blend of THC, CBD, and plant terpenes—providing a bright, blissful, social buzz that takes the party to places alcohol never could. Deliciously smooth, sophisticated, and easy-to-drink, Pamos is crafted with premium, natural ingredients including California-grown cannabis, mandarin, black currants, lime, and aromatic bitters.

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Pamos Low Dose (6mg THC, 2mg CBD per serving)
Pamos Microdose (2mg THC, 2mg CBD per serving)

License: CDPH-10003710

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