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Pop-Up Potcorn


Cannabis-infused microwave popcorn



Pop-Up Potcorn is Cannabis-Infused Microwave Popcorn. It uses Sea Salt and sustainably sourced organic palm oil to give it a lightly salted buttery flavor. Pop-Up Potcorn uses mini size, single serving microwave popcorn bags which make around 5 cups of popcorn. Traditional size microwave popcorn bags make around 12 cups of popcorn. It comes in 3 formulations:

  • THC – Approximately 10mg THC per Bag
  • CBD – Approximately 10mg CBD per Bag
  • 1:1 – Approximately 4mg THC | 4mg CBD per Bag

*Final dosing may vary slightly batch to batch

Pop-Up Potcorn is formulated so that 1 serving equals 1 bag and contains 10mg of distillate. Consumers who are familiar with their dosing will be able to choose accordingly between our 3 formulations. For consumers who are not, we suggest starting with the CBD only or the 1:1 ratio bag.

Ingredients: Potcorn has 4 simple ingredients: Organic Yellow Popcorn, Organic Palm Oil, Sea-Salt and Cannabis Distillate.

Cooking Instructions: Remove the popcorn bag from the exterior CR packaging before putting in the microwave to cook. The popcorn will cook on high for 1-2 minutes or once the kernels slow to 1-2 seconds per pop.

*Note: Do NOT use the popcorn setting on the microwave. Microwave ovens that have a popcorn setting are calibrated for a standard size popcorn bag and will most certainly burn the mini-size bag and shouldn’t be used.

Serving Method: Its best to empty the popcorn into a bowl in order to distribute the salt evenly. We like to hold the empty bag above the bowl with the opening facing down and rub the sides together to free the remaining salt from the bag.

Storage: Potcorn is best stored in a cool, dark environment, away from direct sunlight. The oil inside the bag has a melting point in the high 90’s and will start to “stain” or “sweat” from the paper popcorn bag when sits melted for an extended period of time. If the bag does stain or sweat it is still okay to pop and consume.

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CBD, THC, 1:1


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