Gorilla No. 4 Cartridge

  • Nighttime
This hybrid provides heavy handed euphoria to help you relax.

Good for Netflix and chill, obliterating a stressful day, summer afternoon naps. Read more.

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Snuggle up with this cozy 800 lb gorilla of relaxation and ride mellow waves of bliss that will at some point gently carry you off to sleep. Pungent and sweet, Gorilla No. 4’s heavy handed euphoria and dreamy quality will keep you coming back for more from this great purple ape.

License: CDPH-10003173

325 mg THC

Sonder cartridges are bottom airflow and work best with Sonder and most 510 power supplies. If using a power supply made for top airflow cartridges, loosen the cartridge slightly to let air through. Extreme temperatures can cause your cartridge to leak or become inoperable. Optimal temperature for operation is 50°-85°F.

Cannabis oil

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