Farmer's Reserve Pre-Pack Sampler

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Terpene-packed sampler with all four Farmer's Reserve limited-edition flower.

Tasting sampler with four elegant glass pre-packs, perfect for pairing with a delicious meal. The Farmer’s Reserve Collection features limited edition strains from some of the most unique genetics and require special attention in the harvesting process. Read more.

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Much like wine, each of these small-batch Farmer’s Reserve strains are meant to be paired with great food and experiences. This terpene-packed tasting sampler will provide you with four elegant glass pre-packs filled with premium sun-grown flower, perfect for pairing with a delicious meal.


  • Ghost Cherry OG - Sun-dried cherry & redwood
  • White Tahoe Cookies - Warm aromatics & lemon
  • Fruit Snacks - Strawberry & melon
  • Limepop Kush - Ginger & lime

Farmer’s Reserve

Sonoma Hills Farm is proud to partner with Sava on the exclusive sale of our new Farmer’s Reserve Collection. These limited edition strains come from some of the most unique genetics and require special attention in the harvesting process. The Farmer’s Reserve strains are each individually packaged in a sleek and sophisticated, all-in-one flower-and-pipe combo.

SHF x Jane West

The Farmer’s Reserve Collection pre-pack is a curation of Sonoma Hills Farm’s specialty strains, each meant to be paired with great meals and experiences, much like wine.

Just as wine connoisseurs choose the best glass for their varietal, Sonoma Hills Farm believes the same approach should apply to premium cannabis flower. Sonoma Hills Farm pre-packs by Jane West offer the most pure and unencumbered smoking experience of our premium craft cannabis through an elegant glass pipe.

This product is Sun + Earth Certified. This certification means that this cannabis is grown under the sun, in the soil of mother earth, without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers.

License: CCL20-0000520

Ghost Cherry OG: 29.4% THC

White Tahoe Cookies: 24.7% THC

Fruit Snacks: 23.4% THC

Limepop Kush: 20.2% THC

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