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Stone Road Pre-Roll Singles


Hand-grown and hand-rolled with love



Stone Road joints are made with only pure flower, harvested  by farmers devoted strictly to organic practices. The farmland in NorCal provides crystal-clear water from artisan wells and long days of uninterrupted sunshine for the highest-grade, small-batch cannabis.


OG Kush 18.44% THC (0.5g)
The OG Kush, one of our most popular strains, is a indica- dominant hybrid with strong cerebral and pain relief qualities. Grown in Santa Barbara by 2nd generation farmers, it’s earthy nose and sweet taste makes it a fan favorite.


Jack Herer 16.52% THC (1g)
Our Jack Herer, named after the renowned grower and geneticist, was grown organically in Humboldt County. A sativa dominant strain its associated with an uplifting effect and an energizing high.

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OG Kush, Jack Herer


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