Trainwreck Flower

  • h Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
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Euphoric, cerebral and creativity-inducing. Trainwreck is a strain with great medicinal value.

This Northern California staple is a true heritage strain with notes of lemon and pine. It’s 80% Sativa genetics delivers a clear, creative mental high, and it’s 20% Indica genes deliver a relaxing body feel. Read more.

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Trainwreck is a Northern California staple that qualifies this sativa-dominant hybrid as another true heritage strain. It convinces with strong notes of lemon and pine. Euphoric, cerebral and creativity-inducing this is a strain with great medicinal value. People have been reporting success in treating migraines, anxiety and PTSD. With it’s 80% Sativa genetics it delivers a clear, creative mental high, while it’s 20% indica genes will deliver a relaxing body feel.

Sunrise Gardens is a small, off-the grid farm in the foothills of beautiful Mendocino County. The sun plays a huge role in our lives. It nourishes our crops, it delivers electricity via solar panels and it warms our hearts and souls. All our cannabis is sun-grown in natural soil without the use of petroleum-derived fertilizers.

Trainwreck | 17% THC

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