TSO Blissed: Whole Flower Omura Sticks

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  • h Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • Nighttime
Lemon OG provides a euphoric, yet relaxed state, perfect for end-of-day.

Blissed is a balanced cultivar that helps with stress, appetite, and pain. For use with the Omura Vaporizer. Read more.

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This balanced cultivar creates a relaxing bliss state of creativity and tranquility.

TSO Sonoma Flower Sticks have .17 grams of flower each, and pair exclusively with the Omura Series 1 device. Sticks are single use, 100% biodegradable, and made from rainforest safe paper. 12 sticks per pack.

For use with the Omura Vaporizer

11.9% CBD - 8.3% THC

100% Whole Cannabis Flower

Each stick provides on three-minute vaporizing session.

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